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Hypnotherapy Programs Designed for You.


Change your mind, change your life.

Hypnotherapy to create your best possible life.


499 W. Plumb Lane #200, Reno, NV


In person, phone & zoom sessions available

Hypnotherapy for:












For specific information on my Hypnotherapy programs, please call to schedule your Free initial consultation. We can talk about what you would like to work on, I'll describe how my process is successful and answer any questions you have.  


Welcome to Sierra Springs Hypnosis

 Jeanne Robinson, CCHT, SIC

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Certified Life Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor RYT 200 

Welcome to Sierra Springs Hypnosis. Jeanne Robinson is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is Certified by the Board of Examiners at the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

Jeanne is the founder of Sierra Springs Hypnosis in Reno, Nevada. She received her education at Sacramento Hypnotherapy and after graduating, continued on to get her Clinical Certification.

She has also received a special hypnotherapy certification for Smoking Cessation from the Hypnotherapy school in Scotland, Uncommon Knowledge.

Through Clinical Hypnotherapy, working with your subconscious mind, she will help you resolve your specific issue, uncover and remove blocks and obstacles, and create lasting change. Through the process of hypnosis she will connect you to your own inner wisdom, lead you to your own inner knowledge and give you tools to use in the outside world so that you can continue your own growth in your everyday life. Jeanne is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, talk Therapist, or a medical practitioner, she will not prescribe, diagnose or analyze you.


Jeanne's journey into the healing arts began 25 years ago when she started on her path to alternative medicine to feel better, have more energy, vitality and mental clarity. Her path began with yoga which led her to a solid meditation practice, following the teachings of longtime Yogi's and Buddhist Monks. 

The mind body connection became very clear to Jeanne as she moved through her life, seeing and feeling the results first hand. Leading her on her path to become a yoga instructor, sharing her knowledge and her desire to reach more people she became a Certified Life Coach and took the natural progression to becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Jeanne has intently studied and practiced what she teaches and is living proof that true lasting change can take place in your life if you are guided by the right teachers, stay consistent with unbending intent and have a clear vision of your life.

Having studied Eastern and Western Philosophy, and different ways to move about in the world, Jeanne has a lot to offer anybody who is ready to take that first step in their life to really move through places they feel stuck, change their mind, and finally become the person they were meant to be.

Jeanne is also a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach through Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanas Life Coach training.


Enjoy this Free 20 Minute Mid-Day Mind Reset. The purpose of this recording is to clear your mind, relax your body and leave you feeling energized and stress free. 

You can listen to this recording as often as you like, and over time you may notice some wonderful changes like improved concentration, mental clarity and feeling calmer.

Please visit my Sierra Springs Hypnosis YOUTUBE channel for more free recordings and videos.


~ Client Testimonials ~

"I was not sure what Hypnotherapy was all about. But after meeting Jeanne she explained what and how Hypnotherapy can invoke changes to our subconscious and the hidden power of the mind.

I have worked with Jeanne to remove the stress of growing a business, she helped me to over come obstacles that were inhibiting me from achieving my goals.

I now have a thriving business and looking to hiring. I highly recommend Jeanne and will continue to use her Hypnotherapy services for many years to come."

Bill - Reno, Nevada 

"My experience with Jeanne and hypnosis was unexpected and almost indescribable. I sought her out after trying many alternatives with an issue that was altering my life in a way I was not approving. After my 4th session I left with an incredible sense of peace and calm that was so out of the ordinary for me, I didn't quite know what I was experiencing. Following this, I found I had no sense of urgency, or constant head chatter. This is huge with a type A personality as myself. I have found I now know better how to just "be." Truly, what an experience and life changer."

Khanh - Carson City, Nevada

"Jeanne is amazing! After 12 sessions with her, not only did we get to the heart of my issue but now I am enjoying every moment of my life. After 30 plus years of IBS which eventually became debilitating with Jeanne’s help and the tools she gave me I have been able to get out there and do the things I haven’t been able to do in a very long time. I highly recommend her!"

Becky C., Nevada

"I decided to give hypnotherapy a try as I needed help with attaining some personal goals. I had been blocked with anxiety and couldn't summon the energy nor the confidence to try new stroke therapies which I needed to improve function and live independently. After my first hypnotherapy session I was so impressed with the whole process that I needed to share what a big difference it has made in my life. I now feel like I am getting help from the "inside”. Not having that crippling anxiety anymore, I am feeling stronger and more confident to do what I need to do to achieve my goals.

Jeanne set the environment for me to feel safe, and inspired me to take control of what I wanted to do. I set the goals for the session, then she set the tone for me to relax, and I was enabled to let it happen. I highly recommend Jeanne at Sierra Springs Clinical Hypnotherapy."

Joan - Newport Beach, CA

"I wish to acknowledge the effectiveness of your hypnotherapy. The reason I came to you was for smoking, but I am sure it is just as effective for other conditions you promote. I think it was Winston Churchill who famously said; “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world, I’ve done it thousands of times”. That was truly me. But this time, the therapy truly worked. It’s been 2 months and I have no desire for a cigarette. I guess when you remove all doubts of success from the subconscious mind, the result is success.

I do however believe it is important to remove all temptation for a few days. Change the environment where you normally smoke. For me, I timed my session the day before I was going on vacation for four days. I never even thought about a cigarette for those four days and when I returned, my desires for cigarette were very minor, shortly lived and therefore easy to ignore. Thank you for offering such an effective service."

Pat - Reno, Nevada

"Regarding my progress in Golf, A number of days ago when it was warm I went to the driving range to practice. I impressed myself as to how much better by far that I was able to hit the balls. In the past I would hit about 50% of them ok, that day I believe I hit 90% of them well. I know practice makes perfect and I will continue the visualization practice. Thanks Jeanne"

Ed H. - Reno, Nevada

Awareness of impermanence is encouraged, so that when it is coupled 

with our appreciation of the enormous potential of our human existence, 

it will give us a sense of urgency that I must use every precious moment.

The 14th Dalai Lama

~ Services ~



Hypnosis works amazingly for Insomnia. It eliminates: 

  • The anxiety about sleep
  • you will fall asleep easily,
  • and stay asleep. 

To know more, call me to set up your Free initial consultation.

Jeanne 775-419-0660


People often struggle with dieting to lose weight, when the true culprit was right under their nose the whole time, Refined Sugar.

Eliminate refined sugar from you diet and your body will transform.

Not only will your body transform but your energy will increase and stabilize. Your ability to focus and concentrate will greatly improve.

For more information, call to set up your Free initial consultation.

Jeanne 775-419-0660


Anxiety is de​bilitating. 

It leads to physical ailments like Fatigue, Insomnia, Excessive Worry, Irrational Fears and Lack of Focus. 

Anxiety can trigger you into a habit or addiction like Smoking, Drinking or Overeating. 

The birthplace of Anxiety is Stress - Stress at Work, School, a Relationship or Health issues.. It can be triggered by the smallest thing. Then within moments you will be spinning out of control and a possible Panic Attack could occur

Hypnotherapy works on your mind, resets it, so you know how it feels to have a quiet mind and relaxed body. To tune in, check in with yourself.

These triggers, anxiety producing events and looping thoughts in your mind, no longer have power over you. 

Hypnotherapy stops us from spinning the worst case scenario and is proven to be a successful way to help with Anxiety. 

The change is amazing. When Anxiety is gone, your entire life opens up to many possibilities.

To know more, call me to set up your Free initial consultation.

Jeanne 775-419-0660


I have helped a lot of people to become a true non-smoker. 

My first job is to set your expectation as to how my Smoking Cessation Program works. People often come in thinking it will take 1 session to become a true non-smoker, they tell me they know someone who knows someone who just did 1 session, and they have never smoked again, and I think that is great for them. I was not trained in the 1 session Hypnotherapy way.

Permanent change happens in small increments over a period of time and sometimes it takes time for the habit to catch up with the new mindset.

Jeanne has a specialized Smoking Cessation Certification.

To know more, call me to set up your Free initial consultation.

Jeanne 775-419-0660


Change your relationship with food, change your life. 

Hypnotherapy has been very successful with all sorts of body issues. 

Hypnotherapy can help alleviate the obsessive thoughts and fixation on food and your body. The obsessive thoughts and fixation, keep you in a sort of Jail, and your world becomes small.

Imagine going through an entire day without thinking about food, or obsessing about your body. Hypnosis, working with the subconscious mind, can help you get there.

To know more, call me to set up your Free initial consultation.

Jeanne 775-419-0660


Hypnotherapy has proven to be very successful in alleviating Fears and Phobias.

Working with the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy, helps you to reprogram those areas where the deep Fear and Phobia reside. You can actually feel and see yourself moving beyond the specific obstacle that was so debilitating hence freeing yourself from your specific Fear and Phobia.

I worked with a woman who had a debilitating fear of the dark, a deeply imbedded fear since childhood. Due to a recent loss, she was faced with living alone, and being alone at night was terrifying to her. Patiently and diligently she showed up twice a week to work with me, not ever questioning how long it would take, how many sessions will it would take, just showing up and doing the work. After 10 sessions the fear was completely gone. It has been almost 3 years and she is doing great, the fear is completely gone.

To know more, call me to set up your Free initial consultation.

Jeanne 775-419-0660


The debilitating emotions we experience from the death of our best friends can be devastating, and very similar to the effects of stress and anxiety. Because Hypnotherapy activates our subconscious minds, hypnosis can often address both the amount of time we grieve and the intensity of our grief.

Coping with the grief of the loss of a beloved pet is often a lonely, painful and lengthy journey.

However utilizing hypnotherapy to manage the emotions of sadness, despair, feeling lost or guilt has been proven to comfort anyone facing such a dramatic change in their lives.

To know more, call me to set up your Free initial consultation.

Jeanne 775-419-0660

Let us help you transform your life

Getting Started & What to Expect 


Decide specifically what it is that you want to work on.

Call me to set up your Free initial  consultation.



This is where we do the most talking.  My goal in this initial consultation is to find out the details and history of what you would like to work on. I would also like to hear what your expectations are for hypnotherapy.

I will then explain my process, and answer any questions you may have.


I would like you to show up to your first hypnotherapy session relaxed, dressed comfortably, and knowing that there is absolutely nothing you need to try to do but just Breathe, Relax and Listen. 

I have designed a hypnotherapy program specifically for you.


 As you move through your hypnotherapy program that I designed specifically for you, you will find that each session builds upon the last session, creating lasting change.


Hypnosis is a relaxed state of heightened awareness, it is the direct pathway to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind, which is our thinking, logical, analytical mind has stepped aside when we are in a state of hypnosis, and the subconscious mind, where all our life experiences, blocks & obstacles, and beliefs are stored, is now open for healing. That is why we call Hypnosis the Healing State.

We are in a state of hypnosis several times throughout the day without even knowing it. That floaty feeling right before you fall asleep, is a state of hypnosis. Have you ever gotten out of the shower and not remembered if you washed your hair? or lost track of time while watching TV, reading a good book? you were in a state of hypnosis, that intensely focused state of awareness.

When you are in a state of hypnosis you are still fully aware and in complete control. When you come out of hypnosis you should remember everything, and feel really relaxed. The comment I get almost every time from my clients is "Wow, I did not think it was possible to quiet my mind, I feel so amazing right now, so relaxed and all my mental chatter has stopped.". Welcome to Hypnosis.

Hypnosis can be used to help alleviate undesired behaviors, reduce fear and anxiety, and help with chronic pain. I hear a lot of my clients say that it takes away the feeling of struggle, or feeling deprived, like you are giving something up, as maybe a smoker or sugar addict would feel when trying to move away from their unhealthy habit. 

It's important to know that although you're more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you don't lose control over your behavior and the subconscious mind won't take on any suggestions that it disagrees with.



Quiet mind (no mental chatter), 

you feel calm & peaceful,

you have access to mental clarity, 

your body will feel incredible, 

body feels relaxed and loose, 

the tension in your body is gone,

the struggle of your issue greatly dissipates,

you feel less reactive as you go about your day,

and you will sleep better. 

As you work through your hypnotherapy program these benefits will increase. Each session builds upon the last session creating lasting change. 

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